How I Work

tim_jeff_cansI get asked all the time, what does a producer do? It is a hard thing to quantify as there are many facets to the job. Those facets may vary from project to project depending upon the needs of the client. Ultimately it has to be about the artists vision. I may have a vision but it must be in harmony with the artists. Some need more involvement than others. Whether it be help with arrangements, song structure and performance or handling the technical aspects of recording; I provide a bridge between all these worlds.

And there is more to it than the actual making of the record. Independent artists work within very restrictive budgets and unless there is a constant awareness of where you are in the process, things can get off target and on a tangent that will lead to results that fall beneath expectations. In this day and age of digitization, artists can record most or all of their albums by themselves. However a producer allows them to concentrate on the most important thing that is happening at that moment – the making of their record!

I am with the artist during this process from the beginning. From working on the songs in pre-production, to mapping out studio strategies, tracking, mixing and mastering. Living in the moment allowing the artist to be truly creative and help that creativity touch others.