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” ‘Today We Sail’ marks the fourth national release for Boris Garcia and the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Tim Carbone. Tim didn’t just “produce”, he visualized the music we had in our heads and made it appear on disc. His experience and ridiculous musicality made it seem like we had George Martin in our midst, constantly pushing, screaming, laughing….stoking the embers and fluffing the froth. Boris Garcia’s journey to a great extent is relative to the relationship that we have maintained with Tim, both musically and in personal bond. We look forward to our next path of travel together, eight miles high into the great expanse.”  – Bob Stirner / Boris Garcia

David Gans and Andy Goessling recording Echolalia

“Making a record with Tim Carbone producing was one of the most rewarding and creatively satisfying experiences of my 40+-year musical career. The focus was always on my songs and my performances, and I never once felt that I was being fired from my own session, nor forced into some standard production mold. Tim heard my voice clearly, honored it thoroughly, and brought some amazing musicians together to make it heard.”

– David Gans / songwriter, musician and host of The Grateful Dead Hour on Sirius Satellite Radio


Here is a quote from New Riders Of The Purple Sages pedal steel guitarist, Buddy Cage, taken from a review of the Boris Garcia album Once More Into The Bliss by Jamband writer Brian Robbins

BR: Were the Boris sessions the first time you had worked with Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth?

Buddy: Yeah, Tim was the producer… I was very sick at the time of those sessions, but we were able to get a good take. Tim pulled it off, made it all happen, got all the good parts in the right spots, and put it all together. Tim knows how to serve the song, man that s what makes him good.

It was such a real joy to work with Tim Carbone on the Ragbirds ‘Finally Almost Ready’ album. He helped create an environment that was free flowing, contributed lots of great ideas and helped us know when to keep pushing and when to let things go. It’s a delicate balance and Tim’s ear and experience is invaluable. Plus he’s so much fun!! Humor goes a long way in the studio. I hope I work with him again – it was a wonderful experience!

– Erin Zindle/the Ragbirds

Tim’s ability to play many instruments and styles of music, his knowledge and creativity as an improviser and an arranger and his years of studying and experimenting with different recording techniques have enabled him to handle a broad range of musical and technical challenges under a variety of circumstances and time constraints expertly, smoothly and efficiently. Beyond the musical and technical aspects of recording it takes a strong leader, with a good heart and a sharp mind, to bring different kinds of hardheaded, creative personalities together in a studio and get exceptional performances from them all. Tim is a leader and that’s what he does – it’s a pleasure to watch him work and to work with him. Tim produces standout, award-winning recordings and a good many people on both sides of the microphones are looking forward to hearing many more of Tim Carbone productions for a long time to come.

– Liam MacDonald

When we first brought him on we talked about having him come play on the record. We had just met him. It was a blossoming relationship. He said, well, I want to produce the record. And at the time we had no concept of what a producer does. It is sort of an elusive role in the record industry. It can mean a lot of different things, and a lot of different levels of involvement. With that first record he gave us a lot of perspective on the songs in addition to the technicalities of mic placement, the vibe of the album, mixing strategies. The producer does a lot of different stuff. When he came back to do the second album we had absorbed a lot of his ideas and some of the things that he applied to our tunes and what made them stronger for a record, the songwriting had changed, and less of that was necessary. We recorded with a different process. We used isolation. We took a little more time. So, the second time his role changed a little bit, and it was a little more casual, maybe, because we needed less work.

– Paul Hoffman/Greensky Bluegrass

Contact info:

Tim Carbone
PO Box 158
Shawnee On Delaware, PA 18356

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